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user/month with annual subscription
€29 month with monthly subscription

Principal features:

✅ Create doc with no limits
✅ Send 10 contracts/month
✅ Save 10 templates
✅ E-signature
✅ Attachments


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👑 Pro


user/month with annual subscription
€65 month with monthly subscription

Everything in Lite, plus:

👑 Send contrats with no limits
👑 PowerDoc
👑 Zapier integrations
👑 E-sign your PDF



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Everything in Pro, plus:

🚀 Priority support
🚀 Massive sharing
🚀 Onboarding
🚀 5 accounts included
🚀 API On quotation

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HEU features





Documents included 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
N. of sharing 3 10/month Unlimited Unlimited
N. of templates 3 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Deadlines and reminders


Personalized Emails
Batch action Create and/or send documents for signature by uploading data from your database or filling out our table.
Template di HEU Only in italian
Upload your letterhead
Chat support
Massive sharing
Priority support



Frequently asked questions

Is the HEU e-signature legally approved?

Absolutely! HEU’s digital signature is a simple electronic signature that associates a series of computer data with the document. Additionally, we guarantee the immutability of the signed document by generating a hash linked to the content of the text (we know, it can be complex to understand. Book a demo, and we’ll answer all your questions!).

Is the storage secure?

Of course! The entire infrastructure is hosted on Google and Amazon servers in Europe, which adhere to the highest security standards in the world.

Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

The prices are exclusive of VAT and, of course, fully invoiced.

How does HEU differentiate from software like DocuSign?

The digital signature is just one of the features of HEU. With HEU, you can create documents and manage the entire lifecycle of a contract, collaborating in real-time with colleagues or clients and importing data from your databases. Moreover, HEU’s signature ensures greater authentication of signatories and holds up stronger in a hypothetical legal judgment.

What types of documents can I write with HEU?

You can write any type of document using HEU: from a contract to a privacy policy, a letter of intent to an NDA, all the way to legal documents such as injunctions and summonses.

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